The CBD Cash Protocol is a project that enables the generation of cCBD tokens running on Binance Smart Chain.
And cCBD is the first unique “stable coin” in the world that have two aspect, associated by real CBD and controlled by algorithm.

Inspired by Basis Cash and bDollar, CBD Cash (cCBD) is a token that can be expected to stabilize prices that were previously unstable by PEGylating 1g of CBD in a realistic manner.
The guarantee of the real Peg is confirmed the moment the cCBD is circulated.

Also, because it is an algorithm token designed to lock the value to the price of 1g of CBD, it will be possible to converge to the price of 1g of CBD while drawing a ballistic chart.
The protocol includes innovative solutions that can deterministically adjust cCBD supply, move cCBD prices towards target prices, and bring programmability and interoperability to DeFi.
It is designed to addjust the supply of cCBD tokens without reverse or collateral risk, like central banks trade financial debt to stabilize purchasing power.

cCBD tokens can be exchanged for high precision CBD. (May 2021 or later)
Because of our partnerships with many CBD factories and CBD farms, you can choice and purchase many products.
And we will deliver CBD directly by the shipping method suitable for each country.

With the participation of many farms and factories in this protocol, CBD CASH aims to become the world’s CBD standard currency.