001 How to Make Money with the CBD CASH Protocol?

【Basic strategy1】Increase sCBD in Boardroom

Since sCBD is like a stock, the more you have, the more dividend cCBD you can get.
There are actually two other ways to increase sCBD besides buying.
One is to “save” sCBD in Boardroom, get cCBD as a dividend, and make a profit in exchange for BUSD.

[Basic Strategy 2] Mining sCBD in Share

Another way is to so called “mine sCBD”.
In other words, [Basic Strategy 2] is toIncrease sCBD, save more and get more dividend cCBD
What should you do specifically?

・”Provide liquidity” of cCBD and get Cake-LP as a proof of deposit, “save” Cake-LP and get sCBD as a dividend
・”Provide liquidity” of sCBD and get Cake-LP as a proof of deposit, “save” Cake-LP and get sCBD as a dividend

How to operate for 【Basic strategy 1】is here

How to operate for 【Basic strategy 2】is here

Let’s increase sCBD steadily with [Basic Strategy 1] + [Basic Strategy 2]!

Get cCBD in [Basic Strategy 1] and increase sCBD by pairing with BUSD in [Basic Strategy 2]

By combining [Basic Strategy 1] and [Basic Strategy 2], you can increase the assets of sCBD steadily with a small amount of capital by following the steps below.

1) [Basic Strategy 1] “Save” sCBD to Boardroom and get cCBD.
2) Exchange half of the cCBD you received for BUSD.
3) [Basic Strategy 2] “Save” cCBD + BUSD to get Cake-LP, and “Save” it to Share to get sCBD.
4) ⇒ Return to [Basic Strategy 1] and add sCBD to “Savings” to get more cCBD.

[Basic Strategy 3] Let’s exchange the increased cCBD for CBD products from time to time!

You can replace the cCBD received from [Basic Strategy 1] with a CBD product at a special online shop.
A high-purity 99.65% CBD isolate costs $ 100 / 1g at a commercial price, but can be replaced for 1 cCBD ≒ $ 20.
Initially, you can only exchange for CBD isolate, but we plan to increase the number of exchangeable products in the future.
CBD is good for your health. Get your health as well as your money with the CBD CASH protocol!

CBD CASH 3 tokens

What is the CBD CASH protocol in the first place?
It is a protocol that issues a token cCBD that can be exchanged for CBD and incorporates a mechanism to systematically stabilize the price. We will use 3 types of tokens to stabilize the price.

1) CBD CASH (cCBD) Adjusted to keep 1token ≒ $ 20, and if you want, a token that can be exchanged for 1g of real CBD, that is, in the worst case, 1cCBD = CBD, which guarantees the minimum value.

2) CBD SHAR (sCBD) A token that is like a stock of the CBD CASH protocol and allows you to receive cCBD as a dividend when the price of cCBD is $ 20 or more.

3) CBD BOND (bCND) A token that is issued when cCBD falls below $ 20, and if you sell it when the price of cCBD exceeds $ 20 again, you can get the difference as a profit.