About bCBD special benefits

We are announcing one special bCBD benefit as a starting point
Free shipping when you exchange bCBD for CBD.
You can convert products with bCBD = 1gram CBD.

CBD purchased from bCBD is free shipping anywhere in the world.
Of course, the bCBD used for the exchange will be 100% BURN.
Check it out as it has also been added to the Real Stable page.


However, as a condition for free shipping,
Only if you replace 5b CBD or higher with CBD.

Can I exchange for CBD if it’s less than 5b CBD?
No, it can be replaced. However, please understand that shipping costs will be incurred.

Wouldn’t it be in the red if free shipping was given?

No, this is funded by the Algorithmic stable fund.
We believe that by paying the shipping cost, more people will use the actual product and review it, which will have the same effect as marketing promotion.
It is also much more cost effective than the bad example of many Algorithmic stables, the buyback cost of cCBD.