Cryptocurrency price fluctuations are the main deterrent to mass adoption. Since the value in Fiat changes rapidly, the payment amount fluctuates even at the time of payment, which is very inconvenient for the dealer.

Stablecoins is a cryptocurrency with an exchange rate peg with existing fiat currencies (such as the US dollar) or fiat money, greatly enhancing its usefulness as a payment medium.
cCBD is a cryptocurrency with a fixed price at the CBD rate.
We will accelerate the current green rush in the world by seamlessly distributing CBD without legal procedures at the time of import and export of each country.
What’s “Green Rush”?

Algorithm Central Bank
Although there are various stablecoin mechanisms, CBD Cash protocol specifically uses an “algorithm central bank” approach to manage token supply according to specific logic. This algorithm balances the stable supply of coins with fluctuating demand and ensures that the token price is relatively stable. See the Mechanisms section for more information.

Cryptocurrency prices fluctuate significantly due to market fluctuations.
Confirmation time is slow.
Horrible gas charges.
Cryptocurrency price fluctuations are a major deterrent to mass adoption.
In spite of being still decentralized at the core, The inconvenience of lack of stable, predictable tokens which remains a fixed price that can be used in any transaction, cannot be ignored. Many find that even stable coins like USDT and BUSD are stable, but must be secured by real flats or equivalents, and are therefore still centralized. ..
Therefore, to compensate for the lowest price with CBD, prevent endless price drops, create stable coins of algorithms that can be used for CBD payments and more, create demand for both token supply and consumption, We decided to enable continuous and stable cash flow within the ecosystem.

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