Deflation & buyback mechanism (burning mechanism)

Until now, the algorithmic Stable has a burning mechanism executed only when the CASH system (Algorithmic Stable coin) is replaced with Bond.

But some of the protocols have failed to maintain their price, and it has proven to work.

Our protocol includes burn and buyback mechanisms for all CBD CASH (cCBD), CBD Share (sCBD), and CBD Bond (bCBD).

The opportunity is as follows.

・ When cCBD is replaced with bCBD (100% Burn)
・ When cCBD is replaced with CBD (100% Burn)
・ When cCBD is used in the CBD CASH online store (100% Burn)

sCBD (CBD Share)
・ The profit of CBD online store will be used for buyback & Burn of sCBD

bCBD (CBD Bond)
・ When bCBD is replaced with cCBD (100% Burn)
・ When bCBD is replaced with CBD (100% Burn)
・ When 5bCBD is replaced with CBD5g (100% Burn & free shipping)
Also, these will have more options in the upcoming Dollaremon protocol.

We want many people to keep getting CBD printers in a circular ecosystem.
We want to deliver CBD products to many people.