Epoch duration: 8 hours
Deposits / Withdrawal of sCBD from boardroom will lock sCBD for 6 epochs and cCBD rewards for 3 epochs (if any).
cCBD rewards claim will lock staked sCBD for 6 epochs and the next cCBD rewards can only be claimed 3 epochs later

Current Bank Pools

under construction

Current Shares Pools (Multiplier Rewards):

bCBD (bond tokens) are always on sale, however, a purchase during epoch expansion will result in a nett loss. Hence, the platform UI only allows for purchase of bCBD when cCBD falls below the $20 CBD peg.
Early redemption of bCBD bonds for cCBD (when cCBD’s TWAP < 20) will experience a 10% nett loss.
e.g. if cCBD’s TWAP < 20, exchange bCBD bonds for cCBD will be in a 1:0.9 ratio. To encourage redemption of bCBD bonds for cCBD when cCBD’s TWAP > 20 and incentivise profit-seekers who are doing bonds. Bonds redemption will be more profitable with a higher cCBD TWAP value

bCBD holders are able to profit more when they participate in bonds redemption when cCBD TWAP >> $20.


Orientation to Regulation History
Epoch refers to the epoch in which stabilisation mechanism took place (through cCBD expansion or issuing of bCBD)
Price refers to cCBD’s TWAP (time-weighted average price) at that particular epoch
Redeemed refers to the amount of bCBD bonds that were redeemed
Bonded refers to the amount of bCBD bonds that were issued (during epoch contraction)
Expanded refers to the amount of CBD that was added to the total supply of CBD
Regulation History was incoporated into the main platform UI in order to provide clarity and transparency on the stabilisation mechanism of CBD Cash Protocol. Additionally, the growing number of epochs whilst effectively maintaing cCBD to the price pegged of 1 g CBD price is a testament to the working abilites of the protocol and the team’s commitment to long-term and sustainable growth.