Stabilisation Mechanism

Unique Algorithm

(Boardroom) Epoch duration: 8 hours – the protocol reacts faster to stabilise cCBD price to peg as compared to other protocols with longer epoch durations
Epoch Expansion: Capped at +50% of current expansion cap if there are bonds to be redeemed and follows the expansion cap if treasury is sufficiently full to meet bond redemption (See table below for detailed information)
bCBD tokens do not expire and this greatly reduces the risk for bond buyers
Price feed oracle for TWAP is based on the average of 2 liquidity pool pairs (i.e. cCBD/BUSD and cCBD/BNB) which makes it more difficult to manipulate
The protocol is that for each epoch expansion, 25% of the expansion cCBD is a real stable fund,15% Argo Staple Fund, if Bond exists,Treasury at 0-10%, the rest is sent to the Treasury for bCBD holders to participate in bond redemption.
No discount for bond purchase, but premium bonus for bond redemptions if users were to wait for cCBD to increase even more than the $20 BUSD peg.

cCBD Expansion

Total cCBD Supply Expansion / Bonds Issued per Epoch
First28 Epoch 4.00% Cap
5k+ 3.00% Cap
12.5k+ 2.00% Cap
25k+ 1.00% Cap
50k+ 0.75% Cap
125k+ 0.50% Cap
250k+ 0.25% Cap
500k+ 0.125% Cap
1m+ 0.10% Cap

Decentralised DAO fund

Multi-signature holders are currently not established but in progress of selection
Algo stable fund and Real stable fund have a built-in contract to help keep price of cCBD relatively stable and close to $20 BUSD peg
Anyone can call the public method workForAlgoFund to stake, claimReward, and rebalance between cCBD, BUSD and, BNB in the contract. The contract has RealFund method, later the community can vote to spend funds in the contract for auditors, external devs, supporters, advisors, paid services.
The three most important functions are:
1.real stable Fund(25%)
2.Algo Stable Fund(15%)
3.Bond Existed(0%~10%)

Notably, the issued cCBDs are instantly stabilized, and even if the cCBDs fall below the $20 estimated price of 1g CBD, they can be reliably exchanged for 1g of CBD.

In addition, the cCBD used for exchange is burned, so the market balance can always be stabilized.
In the future, by increasing the number of products that can only be purchased with bCBD, it will quickly converge even during the contraction period (cCBD <20 $), leading to continuous income for sCBD holders.
In addition, when cCBD <$16 for the Algo Stable Fund, buyback or similar measures will be implemented.
With the Real Stable Fund and Algo Stable Fund, you can curb sudden price changes, increase opportunities to exchange for CBD during the contraction period, and enable quick price recovery such as buyback of Bond tokens.